Our job is to put you in your place…the place you imagined, the place you deserve, the place you need. Our designs blend aesthetics and functionality, taking your imagination and pairing it with our ability to assess the elements needed to make the facility work for you. We’ll partner with you to design the building, select the site, choose contractors and monitor compliance. We’ll see the entire project through from the first sketch all the way to the ribbon cutting. Let’s start the process. Let’s imagine together. Let us put you in YOUR place.

Foundation Design

Spread Footings | Strip Footings | Sheet Piling | Deep Pile Foundations | Equipment supports

Vibration Damping and Isolation Supports | Caissons | Farm Silo Foundations | Subsurface Tanks and Pits | Subsurface Tunnels


Structure Design

Multi Story Steel Structures | Masonry Structures | Reinforced Concrete Structures | Wood and Light Gauge Structures | Earthquake Resistant Designs | Concrete Tank Design, Round and Square | Steel Tank Design, Round and Square | Evaluation of Existing Structures | Reinforcement of Existing Structures | Stair Tower and Access Platforms | Guy Wire Stack Design | Self-Supporting Stacks


Equipment Design

Bridge cranes | Monorails | Jib Cranes | Equipment Rigging | Design of Lifting Frames | Tie off Connection Design | Process Vessel Supports | Open Top Dip Tanks | Spray Booths | Curing Oven Framing | Aircraft Painting Enclosure | Conveyor Supports | Material Handling System Design | Robot Support Structures | Molten Metal Handling and Transfer Systems | Process Crushing Design – Aluminum Industry | Retrofitting Industrial Equipment | Sound Enclosure Design for Industrial Equipment