Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

With all the news about the overwhelming destruction in Texas from Hurricane Harvey, there are many organizations asking for money and other items to be donated for the relief efforts.  I would like for you to consider giving, but research the organization you are giving to first.

Several new foundations and charities seem to start over night after every disaster.  There are so many to choose from and it’s hard to know if the organization is real or how much of the funds donated are used for the cause or for the administration of the organization.  Some of the popular organizations include American Red Cross, Direct Relief, Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, and Catholic Relief Services.  The organization I prefer is Lions Clubs International Foundation at  LCIF has been around since 1968 and currently 100% of the donations go to the Hurricane Harvey disaster area.

If you plan to donate, please research the organization first.  Make sure you know where your money is going and that it will be used as you intended.  A good website to use for researching charities is  Thanks for reading and for donating to the organization of your choice.

Written by: Lion Keith Thomas District
Governor 25-E (Southwest Indiana)
Three i Design – Electrical Dept.

AUTHOR: Three i Design
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