Civil engineering is said to be the oldest engineering discipline in existence. Our civil engineering team has built upon the experiences of others to refine their skills and maximize the value of every square foot of your site – all the while ensuring your compliance with local, state and federal mandates. Our team will go to work to create an efficient design to achieve your objectives, then oversee the implementation. It is imperative that we find intelligent solutions for your challenges.

Planning & Design

Site Development | Site Infrastructure | Concept Planning | Subdivision Design | Space Planning | Roadway Design | Parking Lot Layout | Concrete and Asphalt Pavement Design | Industrial Landfill Design | Sustainable/Green Stormwater Management | Green Infrastructure Cost Participation | Outfall Design | Detention/Retention Systems | Commercial/Industrial Utilities | Municipal Utility Plans | Utility Planning | Sanitary Sewer Plans | Industrial Process Sewers | Pump/Lift Stations | Septic Systems | Sewer Force Mains | Water Mains | Natural Gas Distribution | Relocation/Replacement Plans | Construction Administration | Surface Modeling | Surface Model Volume Quantities


Permits & Approval

Public Agency Approvals | IDEM Water Quality Permits | FEMA/IDNR Floodway & Floodplain Permits | Rezoning Approvals | Improvement Location Permits | Municipal Utility Approvals | IDEM Sanitary Sewer Submittal | ISDH Site Approval | Bid Document Preparation | Construction Inspection



Stream Analysis & Flood Studies | Pavement Analysis | Certified Drainage Plans & Reports | Hydrologic/Hydraulic Analysis | Certified Soil Erosion Plans & Reports | Natural Gas System Component Analysis | Field Data Collection | GIS Data Input